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Who was Ruby McCollum?  The answer depends on who tells the story. The answer depends on the uneven political and social power that maintains silence, white supremacy, and racial and gender injustice. The short answer is that she was a victim survivor, objectified and subjugated until she sought justice herself by killing her rapist.  According to the 2014 John Cork-produced Netflix Documentary You Belong to Me, Ruby McCollum was the wealthiest Black woman in Live...


Visibility is valuable. “It is necessary to have a seat at the table,” they say. While I agree that visibility matters, I offer that its use in our society can be convoluted and easily misunderstood. Visibility alone does not equate to equity and social justice. When people fight for racial and gender justice, economic freedom, marriage equality, feminism, and more, they are not just fighting for their own gain or the ability to be seen....


When I worked in Nursing Management, I was encouraged to avoid talking politics or sharing my experiences as an activist. As part of Corporate America, I found that political talk, like salaries, is on the list of things never to be spoken about. But I did. I talked politics. I shared my views. As a nurse and administrator, I worked in a predominately white location with predominately white coworkers who didn’t shy away from openly...


We need a new wave of feminism. In 2017 the mainstream, public face of feminism reached, what I am calling, ‘peak white-feminism’. Between being marginalized during the Women’s March at the beginning of this year and erased from #MeToo, a campaign started by a Black woman; Black women have watched the movement and communities that we started,  being co-opted and used to speak over us. I approached this article thinking it would be an overview...


In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Jani Hendrix, sister to musical legend Jimi Hendrix, shared an anecdote about her brother’s love of the game Monopoly. “…he loved to be the little shoe, and he would buy up all the slum properties and gradually put motels and hotels on them. And he was out for blood; he wanted to win.” If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you know the object of the game: make as much...

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