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By Chef Matthew Lovell IG: @chefonpoint                             Salt fish Cakes 2lbs of salted cod fish (soak fish overnight and rinse). Boil for 7 minutes. rinse off fish then proceed. 1/4 cup of scallions  1/4 green bell peppers  1/4 red peppers 2 cloves of garlic  1 teaspoon of tarragon dried or fresh  1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard  1 large potato for binder  1 egg. ...


A fresh season of fashion is here, and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone puts their own spin on the latest designs. If you’re still looking for those fashion-forward additions to heat up your summer wardrobe, start here: Yellow Obsession I’ve been tracking the color yellow for a few years now and was excited when the term “Gen Z yellow” began buzzing in 2018. It has been amazing to see how this color trend...


When some people hear the word Autism, they immediately think of it as an issue for White Americans; just as some folks may hear the word Diabetes and associate it with Black Americans.  However, there are many African-American families that are impacted by Autism Disorder or who have loved ones that fall on the Autistic spectrum… and the numbers are growing. What isn’t growing, or growing fast enough, are resources and support services.   But in...

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The purpose of "REVIVED: Tampa’s Most Influential Black-Owned Magazine" is to provide a positive platform for black-owned businesses to promote their products and services, while also presenting the many accomplishments and interests within the local community. Founded in 2017, REVIVED seeks to build a dialogue about community by detailing the intersections of culture and society.



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