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Sheree Greer4 months ago2035 min
Mwiza Performing
Age: 25 | Hometown: Lusaka, Zambia Facebook: Mwiza, Instagram: iammwiza, Twitter: iammwiza, YouTube: iammwiza

MWIZA is a Tampa Bay singer-songwriter. He writes original music reminiscent of R&B, Folk, Rock, as well as Spanish music since his influences are vast. He has been featured in Creative Loafing, on WMNF 88.5, Sauce Boss Tuesdays, and on Reverbnation where he is currently number 1 in his genre. His biggest influences are church, his mother, Coheed & Cambria, Acceptance, James Morrison, Bombay Bicycle Club, Disturbed, Arctic Monkeys, Young The Giant, Chevelle, Rusko, Chief and Matt Corby. His goal is ultimately to make music that will help uplift people, help people find the thing that makes them happy through introspection, and use his own music as a form of therapy for himself.

What inspires you most? My biggest inspirations tend to come from human interactions that I go through, relationships with friends, family, romantic, or even something as mundane as work. The sad part is that it’s usually the sad parts that I tend to glean the most inspiration from but I have made some happy songs, due to luck. 

What do you want your art to do in the world? I want my art to help people deal with what they’re going through in their everyday lives, as well as be able to give them an escape because life gets overwhelming. I want my music to help others just like how my favorite songs have done for me.

What was it like competing at the Growhouse? Being a part of the Growhouse competition was amazing because the caliber of talent was so high. I was honestly surprised that I won or even made it to the finals.

Why do shows and contests like the Growhouse matter? I think competitions like Growhouse are important because they help expose people to artists and performers in the area that you wouldn’t normally know were a part of the creative scene. I also find that a platform helps to bring out the best in the performers since they want to make sure they put their best foot forward every time, so the caliber of performances won’t disappoint the crowd.

If you could have a celebratory concert with any artists living or transitioned, who would be on the bill? Iwould have a concert with Coheed & Cambria, James Morrison, and Matt Corby since they have helped influence me the most when it comes to my songwriting and live performances.

Sheree Greer

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