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Carleah East5 months ago827 min

As part of a couple, you know all too well that conflict can arise. And there are probably a hundred and one articles out there about how to avoid conflict in your relationships, but this is not one of those articles. It is summer time! It’s time for teasing, it’s time for secret whispers and sexy moments of eye contact with your boo. So no more negativity; it’s all about keeping those Good Vibrations going in your relationship.

Here are just a few tips to keep you summer sassy and your mate summer happy.

  1. Tease to Please. Being playful with your mate is one of the more fun aspects of a relationship. Being able to enjoy casual time with him/her or fun playful cues, even the non-verbal type, are surefire ways to interrupt your busy life with the sweetest of pleasantries. We often spend so much time in conflict, by either working or trying to figure out our next move, that we forget to turn our serious switch off and turn our teasing and playfulness on. So grab your favorite board game, or create your own rules; the options are limitless!
  2. Create a Summer Date Jar. This is an opportunity for both you and your mate to write down inexpensive, but fun, activities on scraps of paper and throw it in the jar. Simply shake it up and when it’s time for you guys to have QT this jar will provide a fun and new adventure for the both of you. Remember, it’s not about the quantity of money that you spend, it’s the quality of time that you spend. Be creative, think outside the box.  Not only will you get to know more about your mate, but you’ll get to know more about your relationship.
  3. Be Hands-On. Intimacy is not simply about sex, one of its primary focus is the sense of touch. Grab on to each other, embrace each other, hold hands or even draw hearts on each other’s backs and arms.  The point is to explore your mate by touch; find out what stimulates him/her. Explore and tickle those places that you’ve never touched (behind the knee, the back of the neck…etc.). Physical touch can be one of the most powerful, healing and positive methods of affection. So shower your mate with hugs, kisses, and caresses. This is a sure way to keep that summer heat burning.
  4. Acknowledge & Appreciate. Although we don’t mean to do this, we sometimes can take our mates for granted. Don’t forget to show your mate that you appreciate him/her. Not with just buying trinkets or gifting tangible items, but by words or by actions. Wear that favorite perfume or cologne they like. Offer to wash the dishes just because. Instead of going out to dinner, prepare a meal together. Although there is plenty to do in the summer sun, a fun afternoon at home can be just as intriguing and just as hot!

Whether this summer brings you a new love or you decide to remix an old one, make sure to focus on all the positive things about your relationship and all the positive aspects of your life. Try not to allow the negativity, or the stress that we deal with daily, to impede on a space that’s focus is on pleasure and enjoyment. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your mate to embrace these Summer Sensations and Good Vibrations…let’s get lifted!

Carleah East

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